miércoles, 23 de abril de 2008

My New SiStEr!!!!!!

Well……this time I will talk about my vacation. It was really fun! Really!!! Because I invited mon to Naranjos…..because the carnival was coming …. So as I love the carnival and I appreciate a lot to mon I just invited her to come to my house in Naranjos and to meet my family aver here!!! It was cool! Because when she arrived Naranjos I was there waiting for her…..she was all sleepy and happy to be there!! =) then I took her to my house and introduced her to all my family….she met my mom, my brothers, my grandpa and my grandma….by the way …..my grandma is also her granma now!!!! Heheheheh mon was adopted by my family!!!

So…I think now we are family hehehehehe!!! That’s awesome no? =) she’s great!! And I’m happy to have a friend just like her!!! =) OxOxOx well…..then we had a lot of fun playing with my “columpio” hehehehehe (I made it !!) and she loved my puppy “camila” she took camila lots of pics!!! =) camila is my little baby muaks! After all this I took mon to a friend’s house and we went out around Naranjos!!! Eaeaeaeaea!!!! She loved it!!! At night we went to the carnival and we had a lot of fun watching all those persons dancing and all the “comparsas” it was really cool…and I will never forget this past vacation!!!! =) that’s all folks!!!! Hehehe see ya!

my bEst FrieNds!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of My best friend are Lulu, Martha, Grace

we have different personalities for example Lulu is so sweet and her appereance it's like a little girl I think she is a wonderful person with a big heart and its so cute.

Martha is the girl of the group its sweet but more than that it's a little spoiled but she is cool!!!

Grace is my little sister jajaja i don't know why but with her i have a special connection I feel comfortable when I talk to her and I can tell her all my secrets and my feelings and i know she always stand by me when i need it.

I never met people like they and i FEEl like if we met the all life i never change nothing in my life because I'm hapy with my family, with my friends, with everything!!!!!

I love my life, I love My Friends, I love Everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My SpRing VactIonS

One day in my spring vacations I don't have anything to do and i think I'm so bore, I'm so bore and I'm so bore, I decide to woke up to the be and get out of my house!!!!! and with a strong voice told to my mom " mother I decide that i made my own swing".
And I started to looked all the thing that I can use for make my own swing and I found everything, the wood for the seat, a big tree of mangoes and finally one big robe!!! and i Start to make my swing, my mother helps me and when i fiished to make i won a big headache.
In that moment I'm felt so happy beacuse i made my swing and the best thing was that it works very well, and everybody in my house want to try it!!! and I said No you don't use it because i don't want it!!!!!!!! i know I'm a little selfish.
was a great moment!!!!!

just see the pictures!!!!!!!!!

One day in the Beach!!!!!

This picture was when i went to the beach one day after "the PalyazO" and was terrific, first because my friends arrive to reynosa and called me and said" eii How are you? what do you think if we goin to the beach? and i said Now? and he said" yes right now" and i Said yes why not!!!!!

in the beach everything was good until one friend scream!!! let's go to put down in the water to fatty and i said are you crazy or what happen with you? i don't want so i need to ran for all beach and i fought with my friend and told he leave alone!!!!! and he said please i'm sorry and I just don't talk with him.

but without that moment was great!!!!!!!!
and when we back to school after easter we went to the beach again but in the night!!!!!!.

My KmiLa !!!!!!!

She is Camila a little dog, well it's adorable and I feel so happy beacuse she did't die after 7 months jajaja.

Camila it's a chiuahua dog and is so smart, well it's my dog what can i said!!! but it's true jajaja she loves to play with a mango I sent it and she goes for the mango once and once and once again.

My mom doesn't like dogs but with the time she learn how to love kmila jujuju and she worried when kmila is dirty or something and she told me Fatima Clean up kmila or somethin like that.

My dog it's a little angry and she does't love anybody that it's not a part of the family. she is very lovely and protect me whe my brother bothers me I love my litlle dog!!!!!!!!

My KmiLa !!!!!!!

Moving once again!!!!!!

Four months ago my brother an I decided to move away to another place.

We live with two of my "best Friends" (and now they drifted apart), but my brother doesn`t feel comfortable, and always fougth with they. One day I talked with my mom and I explaine the situation and she said: "it's ok, don't worry, Found a new house or apartment and don't say anything, I'm going to talk with their mom's"

So my brother looked many apartments, but he didn't like anyone, so we decide to look for more in a different area and finally we found a little apartment, but very comfortable and near of the UAT.

When we return of home my friend told me " why don`t tell me that your brother and you move away?, my mom called me and told me" and I said "I don't know, my brother doesn't want to live here any more I'm so so so so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally my brother and I live in a beautiful apartment and we feel comfortable. My friends move away too and drifted apart. I still being friend of one and my decition don't affects our friendship.